Temporary Warehouse Cooling Hire To Protect Chocolate

This project presented us with particular challenges in terms of equipment specification, installation and health and safety issues.


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Temporary Cooling

Power Requirement

350kW Cooling - 8x LT50kw AHU’s

The Temporary Warehouse Cooling Challenge

This project presented us with particular challenges in terms of equipment specification, installation and health and safety issues. The client required a cooling system to maintain eight aisles of its warehouse for the storage of temperature critical products. Summer temperatures in excess of 23 degrees had caused ‘fat blooming’ and melting in chocolate-based products – obviously not desirable for the consumer. This meant our client was under extreme pressure to manage storage temperatures to minimise losses and avoid breaking contractual obligations.

The Cooling Hire Solution

The client was constrained by restricted floor space and narrow aisles meaning cooling capacities and effective air distribution would not be feasible from floor mounted units. Another contractor, in the past, had positioned air-handling units (AHUs) externally, cutting large holes into the building’s structure to install ducting. The overall results were not effective. Our role was to provide an alternative that was more effective.

After detailed site and structural surveys, we proposed high-level mounting of ACR 110 AHU’s units. The low profile, high capacity and structural integrity of these units suited this application where safe lifting and positioning were critical. The units were lifted to a high level by a specialist lifting team using an electric hoist. They were turned and rested on racks. The top racks were later cleared to maximise air projection.

Units were fed with flow and return insulated risers. A total of eight were fed from a chilled water main. A 350 kW portable chiller was installed with a buffer tank and pump.

From design, throughout installation and operation, this temporary warehouse cooling hire project was successfully realised. The system remained in reliable operation for a total of 20 weeks through the summer months. It met the customer’s target temperatures throughout and protected their products.

Towards the end of the project, the warehouse was described as ‘feeling chilly.’ Music to our ears.

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