Temporary Cold Store Conversion in Just Five Days

Our client, a large national food distribution company, required additional chilled storage capacity to fulfil contractual obligations.


A Major Food Distributor


Chilled Storage and Distribution


Temporary Low-Temperature Cooling System

Power Requirement

1.1W- Chillers and Low-Temperature AHUs

The Quick Turnaround Cooling System Challenge

Our client, a large national food distribution company, required additional chilled storage capacity to fulfil contractual obligations. In excess of £1 Million worth of stock would be stored in a 60,000 m3 warehouse. A large ambient warehouse was available on the site, but with no cooling fitted, was not considered an option until the client contacted us about the feasibility of a temporary installation. We were able to confirm a solution could be designed and installed in just five days.

The Chilled Storage Solution

We specified and fitted a 1.1Mw temporary chilled storage system in record time. Because of the perishable nature and high stock value, providing a reliable temporary warehouse cold store conversion system was the priority. In view of this, it was decided that two separate overlapping systems would be specified, offering good redundancy in the event of failure of either system. This meant two completely separate cooling systems were installed by our team including generators.

ACR fitted 13x 50kw low-temperature air handling units AHU) on a scaffolding platform. Each AHU was fitted with a defrost panel to control the electric heaters and valves required to keep the units free of ice build-up. 2 x 600kw low-temperature chillers were also utilised with associated pumps, hose and fittings. Finally, all this was powered by 2x 350kva generators with fuel management.

The whole team worked to achieve a very tight schedule from concept to delivery. Once installed, the system provided faultless operation for three months.

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