Turbocor Chiller Service

Turbocor Chiller Servicing and Hire from Advanced Cooling Solutions

ACS been actively working with this technology for many years. We have developed a portfolio of services for the maintenance, repair and hire of systems using the Turbocor compressor. Our engineers have many years experience with this technology and are fully qualified to meet all statutory requirements.

The Turbocor compressor is a highly innovative application of active magnetic bearing technology and is the worlds first totally oil free compressor. The compressor has been designed and brought to market by Danfoss for use primarily in the refrigeration field where it has major advantages over the current commonly used vapour compression technologies.

The compressor features a two stage centrifugal pump and spindle levitated in active magnetic bearing. Power is supplied to the motor by a DC inverter and the whole system is controlled by an onboard microprocessor. The frictionless centrifugal compressor when driven at variable speeds offers the most efficient operation of all compressor technologies available today. In a fully optimised refrigeration system the energy savings can be substantial, reducing costs and global warming emissions.

Turbocor Compressor Servicing

Regular Turbocor chiller servicing is critical to maintaining these machines in good running order and to meet the operators statutory obligations in terms of the F-Gas regulations. The principle objective of the regulation is to contain and prevent emissions of F-Gases covered by the Kyoto protocol. The responsibly for compliance lies with the operator of the plant- the person or organisation that has technical control over the machinery.

Whilst the Turbocor compressor contains limited moving parts and by its nature (frictionless bearings) is very reliable from a mechanical point of view, important calibration, electrical and refrigeration system checks are required to maintain the compressor in reliable running order.

Typically, Turbocor compressors are used in high capacity water chillers with flooded evaporators. By their nature these systems hold substantial amounts of refrigerant making good containment practices critical. In refrigeration systems containing oil visual checks are a good primary indicator of leaks, prompting further detailed checks. Obviously this is not possible in systems not containing any and other more detailed and time consuming procedures have to be used.

Indirect emissions are another cause for concern in regards of global warming and financially for the operator. Plant that is running in-efficiently uses more power to do the work, increasing costs and emissions. Regular Turbocor chiller servicing helps maintain the plant in optimum working order as the manufacturer had intended. Advanced Cooling Solutions have developed procedures and systems which can substantially limit the risks of emissions of F-Gases, ensuring that the operator meets their statutory requirements. Our servicing procedures also maximise efficiencies, reducing energy input and costs.

Turbocor Chiller Hire

Advanced Cooling Hire was one of the first companies to offer a Turbocor compressor powered chiller to the rental market in Europe. The Star refrigeration Indigo water chiller is available for long and short period hire periods and offers outstanding reliability and energy cost savings for clients. The Star Refrigeration Indigo chiller features three Turbocor compressors in tandem on a common refrigeration circuit. Please see the specification below.

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