Chiller Engineering

Chiller engineering services from Advanced Cooling Solutions- we specialise in servicing and repair of all types of chillers from all major manufacturers.

Water chillers- Large and small alike all do the same thing; Move energy from were you don’t want it, generally water, and put it were you do- generally atmosphere. The principal of the refrigeration cycle has’nt changed at all over the years.

Technology has however. With ever more constraints put on environmental matters (the FGas regulations), the refrigeration industry has had to move on. With the focus on direct and in-direct emissions of Carbon into the atmosphere chiller designs have had to focus on ultimate efficiency.

Chiller Servicing and Efficiency

From a service point of view, strict guidelines now exist to limit direct emissions of refrigerants to atmosphere were they have a powerful warming effect. Leak testing is paramount to limiting these direct emissions and to keep a chiller running at maximum efficiency- more efficient equals, less power, less emission, less costs.

Today’s chillers feature many technologies which enhance efficiency, from ultra efficient inverter driven magnetic bearing compressors, to brazed Aluminium condenser coils with high transfer efficiencies, all have increased efficiencies greatly.

To benefit from these advances it is important to have all chillers properly serviced by professionals that fully understand all of the above. Advanced Cooling and its engineers are fully conversant with all aspects of chiller operation and can apply this experience to keep any chiller in optimum working order. In our experience a good service regime can save considerable costs in terms of energy, material, and downtime costs.

Chiller Repairs

Similarly, it is important to approach any chiller repair works in a practical and cost effective way. Concise fault diagnosis is an important first step, followed by open discussion with the client on the best way to achieve the goal of fully working machine within time and budget constraints.

Advanced Cooling firmly believes in maintaining open and transparent working relationship with our clients.

Chiller Engineering Services Undertaken Amongst Others Include:

  • Breakdown fault daignostics- reporting- repair
  • Pressure leak testing/ repair/ re-commission
  • Major component replacement including compressor, condensors etc
  • On-site overhaul of major components or complete machines, including compressor retrofit
  • Refrigerant conversion programmes
  • Oil and filter replacement programmes
  • Laboratory oil testing and condition reporting.
  • Electrical testing and repairs
  • Fault finding and repair of ascociated plant/ chilled water systems
  • Pressure relief valve replacement programmes
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